Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Software as a Service inflection point

For most of you it looking at this book I am sure you are saying this looks boring. While software as a service might not rank up there with facebook and twiter books it had some great information for business professionals. This book was very well written and tells about how SaaS can effect your daily life in the business world and how it can help your company. I found that SaaS is quickly becoming the norm for businesses to get the software they need. Most SaaS allow the customer to build highly customized application to suit there specific needs. While SaaS is cool in it self it would be nothing with out the incorporation of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a personal cloud or server that is customized to you. For many of these SaaS applications you can simply use a web browser to log into highly complexed software from any computer in the world with a internet connection and maybe even a Iphone some day. The power of this is the processing is being done by the cloud and you have safe access to this software any where. Think about the last time you were at school and you said crap I forgot that paper or power point on my home computer I wish I could get it. For some of us super nerds maybe you had remote desk top set up and could grab it that way, but for the rest of us we were stuck. With much of the new cloud computing and SaaS products in current existence it would not matter what computer you were on just log in and all of your information is there. The limits to software like this are endless to where we would simply just have web browsers and our computer would be a cloud.


  1. This book seems really confusing, but I thought the presentation did a great job of explaining what this book was about if a person wanted to learn about clouds.

  2. This is a really relevant topic, I think. As we move toward database marketing, SAAS will become really important. In fact, the company I am interning with has asked me to research CRM. Going with On-Demand will be cheaper and much easier - especially since IT will not have to support it. Plus, we will still have the ability to customize or software - which is important.

    Your presentation gave me some great ideas - thanks!