Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Create Your Own Website

About The Book
I selected this book because I am an IS Major and I thought that it would assist me in my current Business Programming class. 

The book comes with a CD that contains SeaMonkey software which allows you to publish your pages to the web. It also comes with two pre-designed templates: a family template and a online storefront template. It also contains step by step instructions on how to incorporate PayPal into your website.

The book gives a very thorough explanation of what to do in order to publish your work to the web. It explains what a web host provider is and how to find one. It explains what a domain name is, how to get one and even how to get around using one. The SeaMonkey software explains how to do this as well. The remainder of the books chapters explains how to use: EBay, SnapFish, Blogging, MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube. The author lastly included a "Bonus Material" chapter. In this chapter he provides information on HTML, how the internet works, and how to optimize your digital photos.

My over all impressions were that for the beginner the author provides pictures to go along with what he is describing and explains it very well and this book would be very well recommended to someone who is wanting to learn how to create their own website. However, for the more sophisticated user, this book describes in detail some of the basic things that the user would already know how to do. So, for them this book would not be recommended.

About The Author
The author is Scott Mitchell. According to, this is the eighth book that Scott has published. He regularly writes columns for Microsoft’s MSDN magazine, speaks at numerous technical conferences around the country and teaches technology classes at the University of California-San Diego.  Scott also develops software and works as an independent consultant. He has developed and sold several commercial software programs. 


  1. This sounds like it would be a great book for me if I wanted to start a website, since I know absolutely nothing about creating one.

  2. This blog, along with your super sweet presentation, give me the perfect book to read if I needed to create a website. But I won't. :D

  3. This book sounds interesting - It might be useful in the future!