Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guerrilla Publicity, Guerrilla tactics to get maximum sales for minimum dollars

I choose I hoped to gain more knowledge on the new digital age and leverage it in my own practice. I've been an investment advisor and money manager with Strategic Financial Partners for 2 years and I’m always looking for ways to better my practice through seminars, books, etc. The ability to make my practice more efficient, profitable, create more referrals, and increase traffic can payoff tenfold which is why I choose this book.

The idea behind Guerrilla Publicity is to maximize sales for minimum dollars by combining the old tried-and-true ways to sell what you do with the newer developments in publicity. In the new age of publicity, blogs or social media sites, it’s vitally important to harness this technology in your business. It’s a cheap, effective, and updated way to do business and service clients effectively as possible. The most important aspect of the book is its emphasis on the relationships that are built through your practice and how the new digital age has made this better and easier than ever.

The intended audience is small to medium size businesses or individual practices that don’t have the big bankrolls of large corporations for advertising. They are firms who place an emphasis on relationships, creativity, and drive to achieve the results that they want. The ironic part is that larger corporations are adopting these low cost ideas which have been so successful for the smaller businesses, such as community relationships, volunteering, social networking, and public relations. By creating relationships within the communities using innovation and time can be extremely beneficial for a firm that’s looking to maximize its dollars and minimize its costs.

This book is heads above the rest when it comes to general ideas on how to sell and how to utilize new technology. If you are new to promoting your business this is an incredible buy and will serve you very well, especially when on a tight budget. On the other hand, if what you do is extremely specialized or you’re a seasoned veteran then this book wouldn’t be recommended in a lot of instances. Guerrilla Marketing definitely provides incredible ideas for the digital age novice or somebody who can’t quite make the pivot from digital friend and digital client. Overall, I would give Guerrilla Publicity a 3 1/2 out of 5 because it can be utilized in so many different ways and I've personally used it in my own practice with positive results.

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  1. I appreciate the candidness of your blog. I am a novice, so this book, according to your review, seems like a good fit for me. (I especially liked the *tight budget* note). Thanks!