Thursday, October 29, 2009

The E-Myth Enterprise

I selected this book over the countless other business books at Barns and Noble due to the large E, truth be told and the available in audio reading too. I also had an interest in entrepreneurship. So this was a good reason to do some reading on bettering my understanding in this subject. I hoped to get insight to the world of entrepreneurship in what needs to be achieved to make a successful business. This book gives a few references to the internet, with it being written in early 2009. They mention on some marketing methods on the internet, using a social network to introduce services, accessing EBay to give extra exposure to the company brand.

As before this book follows individuals and how they became successful business owners from their “Break Through” idea. This book occasionally gets hard to follow what the person was trying to solve, marketing issues, who to put as the “King,” identifying a target market to better spend advertising budget to. This may have been intentional seeing running a business is complex and every problem needs to be addressed at one time, or so it seems. Once getting the “Break Through” idea he goes through steps to get the business started, gaining sufficient funding, assess the marketing landscape and ask “Does the economy want and support my business.” After these crucial steps then to further your business with visual ideals, what do you want your business to portray? Emotional ideal is very complex in how people emotionally think of your business; brand, business activity, and operations. Functional Ideal, how functional is the business in the community. Financial Ideal, what is the business there to do for you the owner; make money, supply society with a new service, benefit other businesses around you, this is the most important step for the business to be guided correctly. Many people don’t envision a business in these steps, this book helps people to look into these and identify needed areas they may have missed on their own.

I see this books strongest aspect is relating real world activities to terminology to better understand these methods. Another strong part is the reiteration of terminology in one or two sentences at the end of long chapters. This gives the reader a second chance to absorb the content and eliminates the need to do extra research to find what the author meant. These are the strongest aspects of the book. I view the mixing of peoples stories become confusing later in the book, found myself numerous times trying to identify which person he was talking about. This in turn distracted me from his conceptual information which is the major content needed to be known by the reader. I would instead of following the person from start to finish, extract parts of this persons’ mission to start the business and explain the conceptual ideas being relayed. This would prevent the reader from losing interest and just scanning for information. This is a good book to be read by people wanting to start a business but don’t know how to get that idea off the ground, defiantly not a casual business reading book. The large text made for easier following and great for night reading before going to bed.

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